Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Quick Christians

EMT friends are interesting. They always have pictures to share concerning what can happen when one's favorite mode of transportation is a two-wheeled suicide machine better known as a motorcycle. The one pictured here was obviously ridden by someone who placed very little value on life! Crashing this tiny VW at a speed estimated to be in excess of 155 mph took three lives in a heartbeat. I've been up over 170 on two wheels, sanctioned, of course, and it is a speed I no longer need to seek. The slightest bump in the road causes the front end to literally float and the sound of the air whistling past is, well, awesome! The whole experience is a rush like many things in life. When it comes to matters of faith I have chosen to place mine in Christ and even He agrees that speeds over 100 are not reccomended for people over 50! Crashing into obstacles is another factor in our faith that must be encountered. They say the average reaction time for a rider is 1.6 seconds. For the new comer to faith in the spiritual sense it can be more like a month. God does not prepare us completely for the journey, He provides the maps and guidelines, even posts signs and wonders to keep us on the right track, but that isn't always the "fast" track. Faith needs time to mature and age a bit as it aquires it's unique perspective provided through our individual experiences. Oops! I almost started down one of those "I can remember when" roads, which is another sign of age that seems to pop up with greater regularity. Fresh out of the chute it is wise to temper enthusiasm with caution. I know, everybody should be as excited about heaven and the eternal possibilities there are with our loving Savior, but we shouldn't go so fast that we scare folks away or turn them off permanently. Just a little something to think about when you're out there on the high way! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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