Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Church Of Tomorrow.....Today!

Here it is a fully functional multi-purpose building set up for peoples enjoyment and Sunday edification! Yes, there is a regular gymnasium to one side of the water park themed worship center. Yes it is 100% handicap accessible, and there are no uncomfortable seats. It's a perfect place to enjoy a Sunday outing with the family. After services one can sit and dine while children cavort in the flowing waters which do double duty as baptismal fonts and pools when needed. An entire family can now be baptized in just moments with a few quick words from the pastor and an exciting rush down the slide to full immersion where they can be greeted by friends and loved ones alike!
This is all in jest, maybe. It seems as though today we are growing closer and closer to churches that establish themselves not only as places for worship, but also other activities. So, why not an indoor theme park? Put it in a large mall and you have a place that everyone is sure to want to attend. In this day of bigger and better ways to get people through the doors of the church can we be far from the implementation of such come ons? Think of it as a club and that with your membership you receive a beautiful gift and a lifetime pass to the facility! This may be happening already, somewhere. Not out here on the Great American Desert, although I must admit it does look very inviting. Then there is that church with the big screen TV and the Superbowl is coming, maybe we could just visit next Sunday. Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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