Sunday, February 05, 2006


Writing often about the peace which people seek in their lives has brought me to this consideration concerning Holy Communion. However we celebrate the Lord's Supper we are in the process of seeking God's enlightenment concerning our purpose in living. Today I have received an answer that will suffice for tomorrow. Our giving of ourselves to Christ enables us as a body to accomplish so much more than any one person could ever hope to do in a thousand lifetimes. We can stretch out our collective hands and arms of faith and wrap up another clear down in Texas(I'm up here on the Great American Desert which is really a cold place to be tonight)without concern that they might not be blessed by our prayers. Of course they will! God is so cool when it comes to this little knot of humanity we refer to as "christian." It is much like having family everywhere you travel, and they all love you as much as our Savior does. This is not meant to be a reason for joining up with a Body of Christ where you live, but if you don't you sure are missing out on a huge goodness that this life has to offer. In an age when many seem to be traveling a path of self-interest, self-indulgence, self-motivation, self-assurance, and independence, it brings much peace to my heart that there are also those who are "selfless!" I give thanks tonight for the opportunity to share always and all ways with brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a good thing to experience in this life and it will only get better in the next. God bless, Preacher.

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