Thursday, February 09, 2006

From Cross To Cup

My heart has been drawn to serving the "Living Lord," Christ! Five days have passed as prayer has been shared with God(and anyone else who was willing to listen and share)concerning the new ministry about to begin right here in Brookings, South Dakota. Months passed, over a year's worth, as I walked the shores of the Jabok wrestling with my thoughts and the seemingly unending parade of self doubt and criticism from within. My doubts centered on the question of worthiness, for I truly believe that none of us is actually deserving of the call to serve God. The affirmations I was slow to recognize as the mountain began to move in my direction until finally, today, under the most unusual circumstances I was brought to full realization that right here on the Great American Desert there are vast fields, white unto harvest, that must be addressed. I am not representing in an official capacity any denomination, but solely(no pun intended)trusting that God knows what He is doing with the meager supply of gifts and graces I entrust for His purpose. You may have heard me mention before that my personal "breath prayer" is "Let Thy Will Be Done" and it may not be continually on my lips throughout the course of each day, but it is broadcast constantly from the Spirit that dwells within. I shared with a close friend a few weeks ago that all I have and all I am is merely a vehicle for what God would have me do. This is it! A renegade Reverend on the high plains poised to set forth on the greatest journey in life. I suppose the next step is to do some in depth planning. According to God's will this should be a fascinating read as the chapters unfold. Tonight's title indicates a journey, but it is not mine alone. It is the journey of everyone who comes seeking a path of peace with all creation. I remember with a smile the words of one of my favorite seminary professors, "You need God a lot more than God needs you!" He is the same one that took a long hard look at me years ago across the classroom and pronounced the words(for some reason I think he was speaking directly to me in regard to the length of my hair), "The world doesn't need another Jesus, one was enough!" I pray Richard is enjoying the moments he takes to look in and see how I'm getting along in this life. I also pray it gives him cause for outright laughter from time to time, I know it does me. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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