Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebrating Time!

The title does not really tell you much, does it? Today has been the first in a long time where I have been given the opportunity to do maintenance. A closet rod my wife has been needing, a couple of 'puters that had to be cleaned up, a lot of sweaters to be put away(maybe)until the next snowfall(I may be staying up late to see what the weather brings, as if that is going to change it), and a meal prepared that goes by nobody's book but mine. In otherwords, I'm very relaxed being this busy. Six weeks of praise music picked for the services, and a new arrangement sitting in the studio even as I tap this out. I pray there are more days like this. The picture up there ^ is of the earrings I'd like to get my wife for our anniversary this summer. They fit her to a T! Have you ever wondered about that fitting to a 'T' thing people say? For me it comes from my image of the cross that is carried inside. Faith in my Savior fits me to a T! God only knows why I think this way, but I do, and that's okay. We all think about faith differently, I suppose. Not everyone has to be out in the streets or the aisles of the local Super Store to carry out their mission in life. Here's another one for you, "If I had my Druthers!" What on earth is a druther? Maybe a cross(no pun intended)between rather and something else? I don't know, and that's okay, too! I pray life is going well for you. I'm doing better, and as the weather warms and we get closer to being back on two wheels full time all of life will have come back around to being the way I'd like it to be. God willing, and the crick don't rise! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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