Monday, March 20, 2006

Walking By Sight!

We dig in, immediately going deep enough to hide most of ourselves from the enemy, and then after peering over the top of our bulwarks we choose to go deeper. Finally after a full day of making ourselves invisible from every angle we choose to stick our head up again to see what is out there. The answer every time, looking in a mirror of ourselves in combat, is the enemy. We even knew they were there, and yet we, because of some sort of self-destructive nature, stick our heads up. So it goes with our faith at times. We try without success to stay out of harm's way, but when push comes to shove, we still have to stick our silly heads up. Maybe the rationale for this is the thought that knowing where we are is better than not knowing. But that doesn't hold water when considering that we knew where we were when we dug the foxhole, so why bother sticking our heads up only to get them shot off? I guess it's because we're checking on everyone else that is out here fighting the battle with us. We want to know where they are so that we don't shoot them by mistake or(God forbid)toss a grenade in their direction because we didn't know they were there. Servants check, recheck, and double-check themselves often. They "need" to know that where they are is where they are supposed to be and that they are not alone. The truth is, that we are all alone, except for our Savior who is right beside us all the way! If you happen to be one of those folks out there in the trenches and foxholes of this battle, please know that there are others not too far away who would really appreciate your checking on them from time to time. When the attack begins it really makes good sense to know where the "good guys" are, so that we don't inadvertently cause them harm. I believe in knowing the difference between that which is inherently good and that which is decidedly evil. How do I know? I filter it through God's Word and make choices based on what I have learned from previous engagements. The Bible teaches us that "good" trees will yield "good" fruit and that those who don't need a lot of tending or uprooting. What do we do with the trees that look "good" but their fruit makes everyone sick. Get that head back down under cover and pray that you don't get a piece of it thrown your way when you're hungering! In the heat of the battle we have two choices. Resist the onslaught or wither on the vine. Choose the battle and we may die, but we have gone gloriously. That is how the 1st century christians may have felt. After all, they knew for certain they were all going to die some time, but they also had the assurance of living again in Christ. I don't know how everyone else sorts this out. As for me and mine, we choose to serve the Lord! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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