Monday, February 05, 2007

Into Every Life

Into every life a little rain must fall! Isn't that one of those old sayings? Sometimes I wonder if I'm remembering lyrics or something that I've heard or read.
My wife, Cheryl, and I were at the Post Office when I saw what had happened to this innocent bush. A line for summer watering had broken on the side of the building and the aftermath of the deluge froze(probably very fast)all over, around, and through the now hidden bush. Parts of it had broken and parts were crushed. As I moved about with the camera for different views it occurred to me that in places the same water that had broken some branches encapsulated and protected others. The whole presentation looks ominous at first and then takes on a surreal beauty under closer inspection.
Our lives can be a lot like that little bush when we are caught in the throes of life's "happenings." At first the water just gushed all over like rainfall, and then it began to freeze. Parts of us are all wet, other parts break away and are washed aside by the storm, and yet that same destructive force is busy protecting and preserving all that is left. It will be some months before the bush is seen again, and the ice may be the death of all that it was. Right now there is water washing away at lives around us. I pray that the fridgidity and ridgidity of folks does not cause them to shatter. Perhaps if the bush could have moved a little it might have suffered less. Thank God we can get out of the rain once in a while and let God protect us from becoming broken, brittle, and totally frozen. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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