Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steps In Life This Week

Several of my AA friends talk about their "steps." Since my last blog I've been very busy building steps for the project. First there was a need for a landing and one step from the stairs that go up to my new studio\office. My new space is enormous and it's right over the top of my new cave. Problem was that the garage as it sits on the new foundation is well over a foot higher than where it was on the slab upon which it was constructed. I now have the landing with storage space beneath for a host of jacks and tools. This is good! Then there was the old side door(the guys that bolted this end on the foundation must have been drinking, the whole side is off by several inches. One day I will have to reframe the door to make it fit properly, but for now it will have to do. Here again I ran into the height problem. Easy solution, another step! That's two of the step projects. The third was the steps down from what will become our formal dining room into the new kitchen. These were really fun to build! Did I mention they had to be built sturdy enough to support the weight of my grand piano, and the four fellows who will simultaneously pass through the arch carrying her into her new home in the parlor\sitting room\music room. We are ready for that phase of the move as of today.
Next I will be putting all of the original woodwork back in place. All the bits, parts and pieces of window and door moldings, mopboards, and various other woodwork was removed to facilitate the painting and refurb work. New windows all over the house. I had no idea how many there were until I opened them all up on a warm day two weeks ago. By the time I was knocking off for the day I realized there are a lot more than I suspected. It shouldn't have surprised me since I assisted in picking them out. Maybe it was just all the steps and stairs that seem to lead everywhere. One day I shall count them just to see how many there really are. It seems that no matter where I am headed in the house I am encountering stairs. That's good! I've never really had both feet on the ground except at stoplights and even then it is quite often only one. Today was a restful Sunday. I cleaned the site to prepare for the next set of transitions. Junk was hauled into proper piles and the sawdust, mud, dust and bits and pieces of construction were swept into piles awaiting the return of a garbage can. Cheryl got me a new broom and dust pan for the house. I know, life must be fairly boring when one gets excited about a broom and a dustpan. Quite the contrary, however, I believe we are entering into the most exciting adventure of our lives. God has truly blessed us with an opportunity to build and create. He has given us a vision and a way to work it. Now all I need is a lot more energy, but that will come in time. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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