Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Winds

We didn't get the worst of the weekend blizzard. Only about 2.4 inches of the thick heavy flakes fell on our portion of the Great American Desert. Further north and west of our location folks had to contend with upwards of 16 inches. Then there is the story of the thirty inches that fell on the US\Canadian border country in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was out driving between our old place and our new place in the midst of the 35-40 mile an hour winds and driving snow. The little car above did not stand a chance. On that section of highway 14 you have protection in the form of a winrow every mile or so. The thing is the winrow causes snow to build up on the highway and accumulate in sufficient enough quantities to cause a great deal of slippage. Then when you get to where the winrow no longer is blocking the wind it comes across the road full force. I assume that is what happened to this little blue car. I went around to check and make certain that there was nobody in it(that is just South Dakota courtesy when things are not good)and there wasn't anyone around so I headed home. How often do we see folks in trouble somewhere in our lives and never bother to give them a second thought? I can't say as I blame the ladies for not stopping to help someone, but when it comes to us guys making the difference between someone's well being and not so well being we need to make the effort. Maybe because we are a sparsely populated state(less than 3\4 of a million souls out here)that we tend to be a bit more likely to help even the stranger. Times have changed in America. We live in populated areas with more fear than I can imagine. Cheryl worries about locked doors and staying safe. I don't blame her for that, women are targets everywhere it seems. There is a part of me that truly feels sorry for those who must live in fear. And, if we think it isn't good here, we can always look to a country where just going to the market in the morning can get you killed by one of those fanatics without reason. Our world has changed so much in the past few thousand years, and yet one thing remains constant. God is with us today. He was with us yesterday. He will be with us tomorrow, also, if we are willing to open the door of our heart and invite Him in. Then we won't have to worry so much about the weekend winds, snow, sleet, and freezing rain because God will be there to answer our every prayer in accordance with His will. I love that part, His will, because no matter how much I would like things to be my way the only path that can bring me to my goal is through the One who created all of us. I pray you are staying out of the wind and that the snow is not too deep. Here we are watching the weekend's weather melt away rapidly. That's a good thing. Now if we can just get past the mud that accompanies spring(the mini van is covered in speckles from me almost getting stuck on site today)and the hurdle of monsoon season on the plains, life will improve. God bless, Preacher.

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