Monday, June 23, 2008

Tried, Tired, Tied!!!

>The thing is never the "thing" or so a pastor friend of mine has informed me. We are almost done with jumping through the financial hoops. It seems that there are a of licensed folks in the world that take exception to a country preacher doing his own wood work. I have been checked once a week to make sure that I meet "code" expectations. Duh.....I grew up playing with unfinished blocks of wood. If one piles them up and they fall down then you try again. Had I had the advisers I have now I probably would have been in group therapy since age three.

So, my exertions have now met the acceptance of the county, state and local officials. Whoosh!!! What a relief. Now I shall remit pics of what has been continuing to happen before I subscribed to an anxiety attack of enormous proportions. Yeah, "I KNOW IT AIN'T A POLE BARN AND IT IS WITHIN THE COUNTY'S JOURISDICTION!!!' Give me a break. I have busted my nether regions making this acceptable, and everyone has a problem. There will come a point in time when I may deign to assume persecution on a faith basis. Nonetheless I continue to persevere.
Many thanks for all the prayers offered on our behalf. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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