Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Update

Today it has rained, again, so I don't have to be out riding the Bobcat moving earth! This is a blessing, I'm not certain my bones could take another full day of bouncing around on that particular machine. Night before last I began taking pictures(again)of the work in process. Sunset on our Great American Desert was spectacular. Snickers was done for the day. He was inside, outside, and everywhere he could get to. His job, of course, is very tiring so a nap was in order. Cheryl arrived home to a totally new look on the property. I believe she is pleased and that is a "good" thing. We only have use of the skid loader for a few more days. Originally when this was planned we were to have it on site for two weeks. That would have been plenty of time to accomplish our goals of landscaping and driveways. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate! We had a full week of rain and it is back once again. I think God knew I was in need of a "Snickers" break. I can just see the afternoon snooze now.....Me propped up on our new four-poster queen size bed with my legs up in the air and my paws stretched out in total repose. That just may happen. This fall has been really good, although the distant sounds of shotguns in their attempt to bring down the elusive ringneck pheasant are a bit grating on my nerves. I would much rather be hunting ducks, geese, and other game than riding around in circles on a machine that is quite a bit less than forgiving. As always, I must trust in God's timing. He has never been wrong and I am quite often too busy with my own "stuff" to truly listen to what I am being told. That's one of the difficulties we are each challenged with, knowing when to shut up and listen with our minds, hearts, and the whole of oneself! I pray all of your sunsets are beautifully breathtaking. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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