Friday, November 07, 2008

Birthday Blog

The final days prior to winter on the Great American Desert were filled with a flurry of activity. Today is the 59th birthday I have celebrated, although there were many I do not truly recall with any accuracy. Our project has progressed to the point where all work must now focus on the interior of our new home. We(my wife Cheryl & I)began a year ago on a new journey! I can now admit to my wife and myself that I am weary. I love the old house and the addition I designed. My problem is that I have lost touch with many people that I love as a result of doing the necessary tasks to bring this new location to fruition. Not to mention that the election season had me working the 'puter as often as I was able to assist the party whenever I took a break from the physical endeavors on our home. At the present time on this 'puter I am suffering from frequent "crashes" that take quite a bit of time to get back to where I need to be. I suppose that is the result of building a personal computer from the parts and pieces of the last half dozen shells that crossed the workbench. This one is all "junk" from the bottom up. It was fun to put together, and offered a perfect opportunity to test Vista before using it on my main home computer. Would you believe that many of the pieces were gifts and old stuff that I hacksawed(literally)to fit a Gateway 2000 case that was gifted me by the last church I was preaching in. The whole thing was vintage 1997 so I gutted it to rebuild. It sat in the old cave until March 25th of this year, at which time I built this and the one that is operating in the addition to the home. What a year! Pondering the past 12 months I can only say that God is soooo gooood to us. We have had many ups and downs, cost over runs, and financing difficulties(hasn't everyone with the mini crash of the housing industry)and they have only served to strengthen my personal belief in the power of prayer. I have an inkling now of God's plan for our lives but it is too early on to share. We will go out with our friends this evening and celebrate once again the beauty of another year of life. Where God leads we will follow(wish it were easier at times)and come through to the light of a new dawn in this garden we have been planted. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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