Friday, June 04, 2010

I Don't Know

I have remained silent for a very long time as I attempt to put some sense into what is taking place in our country. It does not seem that we are moving forward. My life as I take pleasure in a new house, new garden, and other stuff is cool, but what is most disconcerting is the problems that confront the "America" I was raised to be a part of!
My new residence and the people that surround it are part and parcel of America's dilemma. How can a man and his wife with their three children and one in the oven(at least 6 months)work here and not be reported to immigration? None of them have a smattering of English, and yet here they are. I love people, always have, but there is a point at which we all have to say, "STOP IT" and stand to traditional values. God bless, Preacher.

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