Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yearly Journey

This was not my year to ride. Poor health and a recurring affliction to the lower legs brought about my first four wheel journey to Stugis in 17 years. That time we had a van large enough to accomodate our smallest HD a 1981 Roadster, so that was how we got around. Being on two wheels is soooo much different than four. The very first thing I noticed was being able to really relax in the seat of my wife's new car and kick back for the enjoyment of scenery. I see most of this stuff every year, but not in the same way. We visited places we usually don't go because it just isn't included when we're on the big hog. This year was really different in another way. We took the Snickers dog with us. All two and a half pounds of him traveled over 1500 miles with us and was soooo gooood that he was only kept from entering restaurants a few times. It is truly a way different world during the rally out here on the Great American Desert. The camera did a great job of preserving memories until the final day in Sturgis when I inadvertently sat on it and the screen went dead. That's alright, it still works with a television to monitor pics indoors due to the cord length, and it was time to update anyway. One of the stops along the way was at Wall Drug where we spent the night. When in Wall I always visit the Travelers Chapel. This time I was greeted by a young man reading scripture. My being there and praying for all who travel our world may be likened to a cool sip of water on a very hot day. It quenches an inner thirst for peace. The young man did very well with his reading and as he left I thanked him for his devotion. He almost seemed embarrassed. But then I can't say for sure because he did not stick around to visit. Our journey was a great success! Perhaps it is sometimes good for us to do the same old things in a new and different way. Our world keeps on changing every day! There was a time when I did not care too much for change. Maybe I've gotten over a lot of that these past five years or so. Life for us continues in a positive way. Not everything is exactly as we would like it to be, but we trust that God knows what God is doing and that one day we will understand fully. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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