Monday, August 22, 2005

Chris came to us from Chicago. He has a heart for ministry and brought a refreshing combination of hardrock (metal) to the stage with a zeal for delivering the message of salvation geared for the generation he represents. He could only stay with us one day, his father passed away and he was called back to Illinois. His performance was astonishing, and none of us knew the circumstances under which he performed until it was all over. The tribute he provided for his father and the witness he presented on behalf of our Savior was enough to bring the entire gathering to it's collective feet in thanks. Amidst a surrounding of new-found brothers and sisters in Christ Chris was blessed with prayers from everyone and encouragement to continue the work he is doing. Somewhere tonight out there in the world he is working, I'm sure, to hone his talents to an even greater degree as he prepares to launch into the college circuit of believers carrying the one true message of salvation. My prayers are with him, and my wife and I look forward to his coming to SDSU here in Brookings one day soon!
Faith is not simply an activity we take part in once or twice a week, it is an ongoing, daily participation in the relationship we have been given through the visitation of God's Holy Spirit. God bless you, Chris! Keep on rockin'

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markfield22 said...

Way to go....

Todays inspirational quote:

"Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition."

(Elbert Hubbard )

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