Monday, August 22, 2005

Trying Again To Make Everything Come Out Right!

I'm learning, slowly, how this all goes together. Chris was supposed to be on the bottom of the next section, but you can figure that out. What a blessing it was to share in the ministry and the music with people celebrating their oneness in Christ. The most moving moments of the week, though, were not found under the bright lights of the stage, they were found in the less bright areas of our encampment where folks too messed up to get around were ministered to. In Sturgis during the rally the police bring by the "paddy wagon" every so often with the ones who aren't really breaking any laws, yet(jail is filled to overflowing)and give them opportunity to "visit" with us, or go to jail. Quite often our minstry teams work with individuals for hours on end as they sober them up, straighten them up, and present God's plan of salvation in terms that can be easily understood. I pray with God's leading that I can share a few of the stories with you from 2005 right here. It's still a little too "fresh" in my heart, not to mention my mind, to put into perspectives that might be useful for helping people to make new and better choices for their lives.

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