Monday, August 22, 2005

Many of the folks that come to work in the evangelistic outreach accomplished over the course of two weeks in "Little Babylon" have artwork done on their cycles to carry the message of salvation as they travel. In recent years this trend has brought about an amazing change in the things that are seen on the streets during the height of rally week. Carrying the cross along the blocks that are filled to capacity with cycles from every imaginable corner of the US and many foreign countries is a daily occurrence. This year we had many members of the various christian camps processing through downtown, together! It was a wonderful display of unity in Christ seeing the brothers working for their Lord without concern for denominational alignment. That's one of the more enlightening asides that can be garnered from a spiritual visit here, those who are walking in the spirit are all in agreement on the fundamentals of faith. For the most part any theological differences are set aside for the sake of reaching the lost and hurt human beings that are in abundance wherever one looks.

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